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Everything has a birthday.
Plants have them.
Animals have them.
People have them.
Clouds have them.
Water has them.
Wind has them.
Rocks have them.
Oceans have them.
Planets have them
and even you yourself have them.

Most beings don’t know how long
they have to live or when their
birthday comes along.
Only the Creator knows.

The sun, moon, stars and the universe
have birthdays too.
A real bang up day
their end may come with a whimper
or the big bang.

The Creator knows that day
and keeps it to himself
although theories abound
too many to count.
Some to control and others to console

but just remember this ~ your birthday
is yours and yours alone.
So share the joy with your lover and loved ones
on your very special day.

Rosemary Winters Tracey

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