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Empire Palms

A veil of yellow secrecy
enfolds the trappings of
masqueraded power
envisaged by the Empire Palm.

Its roots encapsulated in muck raking.
Its trunk as scaly as a venomous snake poised to strike…
at patriotic ideals. Its fronds shriveled up by a toxic cloud
leaving an ochre cast to its environs.

To what do we owe this misfortune?
The inability to see beyond the mundane pettiness of Color TV
or the inadequacies of an antiquated learning system.

The Empire Palm imagines that it holds
the knowledge of the Sphinx.
But its delusions of grandeur encompass only two sides ~
power and greed. Unlike the pyramid’s three sided vision.

The last in a long line of Empire Palms
who pompously governed the Empire.
Like Rome to be destroyed from within
because the power of the pyramid is gone.

© December 12, 2005 by Rosemary Winters Tracey

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