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Thorn birds are indigenous to Australia.
Able to tolerate most thorns and pain
ergo thorny issues do not disturb them
a wish most people hope for.

Thorny problems plague us all.
Sometimes an issue from the past
will perform a sneak attack
laying bare your defenses.

The key to overcoming these jagged
wounds caused by thorns is to
do like the Thorn birds ~
pluck it out ~ and continue on with your life.

Sometimes the wounds are so deep and sore
they take forever to go away
or to forget
breaking many a heart in the process.

If only we could take a lesson from
the Thorn birds such occurrences
would be rare ~ life so much easier.
But we have no defense from nature.

That ~ more than anything else ~
dooms us to feel the pain intensely.
On all levels on consciousness:
physical, mental and emotional.

We can only pray that we too adapt like the Thorn birds.

Rosemary Winters Tracey

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