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To Condemn or to Condone

To condone or to condemn
that is the question!
Part of the answer lies in our basic values
and the other part
in our manufactured belief system.

We condemn torture because our
basic core values tell us to
irrespective of conscience.

We condone torture because our
manufactured mind control requires us to
in spite of our conscience.

Perhaps the answer really lies
in how much we really value our civilization.
Do we wish to change our civilization
or condone theirs?
Or do we keep our civilization
and condemn theirs?

That is the question.

Alternative Ending

For without selective torture
to extract needed information
to stop the enemy’s wholesale slaughter

Should we lie down like lambs to the slaughter
or should we do whatever is necessary.
However distasteful it may be
to preserve our civilization

To condone or condemn
that is the question.

Rosemary Winters Tracey -- Alternate Ending by Chip Allen Tracey

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